Our Team

John Johnson, President and CEO


John Johnson is a service-disabled veteran who decided to get in to business with his sister, Sonya, to help veterans receive better transportation services through the Department of Veterans Affairs. John started Navarre Corporation in 2011 out of his home in Navarre Beach, FL. His operations are now coast to coast, from Charlotte, NC to San Francisco, CA. 

Sonya Johnson, Vice President


Sonya Johnson has a wealth of experience in business and the healthcare industry. She enjoys helping John run Navarre Corporation and as the Vice President and Secretary of Navarre, Sonya helps make executive decisions on a daily basis. In addition to managing Navarre Corp., Sonya helps care for her brother, John. 

Tyler Pinson, General Manager


Tyler Pinson joined Navarre Corporation in 2014 as the regional manager of the Nashville branch. Since Navarre's growth, Tyler has taken on a new role as General Manager of all locations. Tyler helps John and Sonya with managerial duties and spends time travelling to each location to oversee operations. 


Lauren Copeland, SHRM - Strategic Analyst

 Lauren Copeland serves as the Strategic Business Analyst for Navarre Corporation.  Lauren helps in the development of long-term goals and strategic objectives.  She is also responsible for the human resources and benefits administration of Navarre Corporation employees. Lauren is  SHRM certified and graduated cum laude from the University of North Alabama with a Bachelors of Business Administration.